Our Mission

  • Homeowners – To provide customer peace of mind by protecting their assets with the absolute best long-term roofing value.
  • Subcontractors & Suppliers – To conduct business with our subcontractors & suppliers in a manner that achieves a win-win outcome.
  • Employees – To create a work environment that enables employees to proudly lead the most fulfilling life possible.
  • Real Estate Investors – To provide investors with the best roofing solution that adds value to their investment and fits their budgets.

Our Mission: Top Quality, Affordable Roofing with Great Service

Our Mission: Top Quality, Affordable Roofing with Great Service

Both you and your home need coverage and protection you can count on, and you’ll get both with Kanga Roof Austin. We leave no shingle unturned when it comes to providing our customers with quality roofing. We also make sure that we keep our services as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality we deliver. To this end, we ensure that all of our technicians are well-educated on what constitutes truly great and dependable roofing and siding.

Professionally Trained and Expertly Done

What sets us apart from our competition is that we are a company of GAF-certified installers. In addition, our owner, Scott Feller is a degreed construction engineer from “Iowa State University”. Not only is our team well-trained, we ensure all of our work is done with products from the most reputable brands and manufacturers, including:

  • GAF
  • Owens Corning
  • Versico
  • Arrow Line
  • DuraLast

We feel that it doesn’t do much good to claim that we can provide you with an outstanding shingle roof if we don’t make sure all of our work is done with equally outstanding brands. At Kanga Roof Austin, we want you to be reminded of our work and smile every time you look at your roof or siding of your home.

We Protect Your Roof and Your Peace of Mind

You may not yet realize how much of your home’s value lies in the quality of your roof and siding. Not only that, but you can also save money by taking care of your roof, gutters and siding. Mildew, leaks, a compromised foundation, insect infestations and respiratory complications can all be caused by siding and roofing that are in poor condition. We guarantee to do everything we can to keep you from experiencing an avoidable financial migraine.

When you are looking for a top quality roofing contractor with excellent products and services call Kanga Roof Austin at (512) 388-7663 or submit an online Contact Us form. We would be glad to provide you with an estimate and information on our company guarantee on all roofing systems, including shingle roofs.