Roofing Rewards Program

Helping you prepare for the future and save money

All roofs have a life expectancy

  • Sooner or later, they all need to be replaced
  • Most homeowners are unprepared for the expense of a new roof
  • Most homeowners do not have a new-roof-savings fund

Your new-roof-savings fund

  • Roofing Rewards dollars are good toward your whole roof replacement
  • Receive 20% of your investment in service and maintenance back in rewards dollars
  • Like a savings account for your new roof
  • Take it right off of our best price
  • Lower the cost of your new roof

Maximize the life of your roof

  • Regular maintenance and service
  • We can fix your roof and provide great guarantees
  • Overhead Care Club can help extend the life of your roof


  • Never expires
  • Fully transferable